Hi, my name is José Pablo Ramírez. I´m a sound designer from San José Costa Rica. In 2012 I started my studies of cinematography at the film school of Universidad Veritas (San José, Costa Rica 2012-2016). In 2015 I got my bachelor degree on Sound Design for Visual Media at Vancouver Film School. Where I had the opportunity to work on different projects, such as video games, documentaries and short films.

Later on I started working as a free lancer. And create my own foley and sound studio in San José Costa Rica.

My skills are:

-Sound design(Synthesis, Sampling...)

-Audio recording (Field Recording, Production Sound, ADR, Foley, Walla)

-Sound editing (SFX, Foley, ADR using Protools)

-Re-recording mixer in 5.1 using C24, Icon D-control.

-Game Audio (Wwise, Fmod, basic scripting knowledge, perforce)